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Google Services

Are you looking for a freelance developer for google services or Google Service? Look no further! I'm a TOP RATED PLUS freelancer on Marketplace

 Welcome to my Google Services usage guide!

Google Services

I can do advanced automation or scripting on Google Docs, Google Sheets, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Drive. I have worked on these scripts: 1. Read Gmail + Identify specific text + download attachment & save on Google drive. 2. Save any of the G-suite elements as PDF. 3. Generate multiple documents, from a template document, merged with data on a Google sheet. 4. Synchronize between Google calendar and Google Sheets. 5. Create Google forms, whose data is saved on the spreadsheet, and email/SMS notification is sent, upon each submission. 6. Create Web app using Google App Script. * The front end is HTML (can include javascript, & CSS) * The backend is a Google spreadsheet and can also be merged with other elements (doc, ppt, pdf, etc). * The script runs on Google Server, using Google App Script. * Can be deployed as a public URL, which anyone can access, without the need of any hosting, web server, domain, etc.. however, can also be embedded into your site. 7. Create Google Spreadsheet Dashboard. 8. Create an advanced CRM system, with leads classification, and email/sms integration. Ooh. I could go on and on. Try me! I specialize in building custom CRMs and setting up workflow automation on G-Suite.

- Sheets; - Docs; - Slides; - Forms; - Drive; - Gmail; - Calendar; - Sites; - Maps; - G Suite;
✔️ Data Entry ✔️ Web Scraping ✔️ List Building ✔️ Data Mining ✔️ Web Search ✔️ Python (Learning Start May 2021) ✔️ AWS/ Google cloud. ✔️ Excel ✪ Product Uploading ✔️ WordPress ✔️ Amazon ✔️ Excel / CSV / XML / JSON ✔️ GeoServer ✔️ QGIS plugin development ✔️ GIS Data Analyst  Why Choose me? • ZERO Error Guaranteed!! It has always been my motto, to achieve perfection, and I guarantee it in my work, as I am passionate, and love what I do. • I am here for the long term and promise unlimited revisions & continued support even after the project is complete. • Affordable & High Quality Of Work • Near instant response.
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