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Microsoft Excel

Are you looking for a freelance developer for Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets? Look no further! I'm a TOP RATED PLUS freelancer on Marketplace

 Welcome to my Microsoft Excel usage guide!

Microsoft Excel

Are you worried about handling a large amount of data, its manual mistakes in excel sheets,s and looking for automated Microsoft Excel sheets through VBA, Excel macros, functions & advanced formulas!

I am efficient, experienced, and expeditious in Microsoft Excel. I can fix complicated issues by using formulas and coding ( VBA & Macro) in just a couple of hours. but with over 5 years of experience, I'm here to help make your excellent dreams come true! You will be amazed at how much help you can get from me.

My Services:

. Automated advanced Spreadsheet and Google sheet

. Advanced Formulas

. Excel VBA Excel MACRO

. Pivot Tables

. Advanced customized

. Customized Dashboards in google and excel spreadsheet

. Excel Charts and Graphs

. Develop complex tablets/excel sheets from the scratch

. Repair, cleaning, and optimization of modified tablets/excel sheets,s, etc.

Please contact me before ordering to set up details of your idea!

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